Oban Quality®

Providing systems and tools for you to deliver care and services beyond quality standards.

Oban Quality Hub

Oban Quality Hub® was created and developed by the Directors of Oban Quality to meet today’s demands on meeting quality standards and for sustainable continuous improvement.  The Hub facilitates a paperless consumer feedback system (compliments, comments and complaints) via an on-screen form.  The physical hub can be located in a reception and/or common area/s of your facility as well as via tablet device for non-ambulant consumers.  Management and staff are able to review and manage feedback submissions electronically as well as export data and statistics for reporting purposes. 

Oban Quality Hub® will also act as a portal to your consumer and staff surveys and provide an access point for your facility’s information and resources.

Oban Quality also provides:

Oban Quality Reporting
  • Document Management Systems
    • Policies & Procedures
    • Guidelines
    • Forms
    • Audits
  • Continuous Improvement Plans
  • Risk Management tool
  • Management, HR and Administration systems and tools.
  • Survey development, collation and reporting.